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06 Apr 2015

What is craft beer?

With this in mind, one could say that a craft beer is based on the following key points:

No expense spared in raw materials. As in a kitchen, to prepare a quality dish is not only necessary to produce it well, but it is also essential the quality of the raw material used. Unlike the industrial beers, artisan uses no fermentable low quality product (corn, rice …) to lower production costs.

Not sterile products are served. The craft beer is not filtered or pasteurized. What do we get with this? Serve a live product full of health properties and rich in vitamins, a fresh product where its good maturity is subject to the way the product is stored. Like a quality wine, craft beer does not like extreme temperatures. Except for a few beers types, a craft beer usually has a shelf life of one year from the date of packaging.

Exclusivity. If there is anything resembling all artisan producers is that, serving the same product, they are all different. There are countless sorts of malts, hops, yeast, waters and even other ingredients that can be used to make the product special and unique.

Variety. There are countless different styles: blondes, lagers, blacks, IPAs and the list goes on. Each day new products are coming up and with it, the expectation and desire to try new things grows. As in creative cuisine, craft beer is surprising and reinvents itself constantly.

A tribute product. From collectors, drinking clubs, fairs and tastings to pure amateurs, craft beer raises passions wherever it goes. Each day we find more bars and restaurants serving these quality beers.

How can you have a wine and even water list and not include a variety of beers? The profile of good beer drinker is very broad, since it is not defined by a particular social group, age or sex… you just have to be a bit curious.

The craft beer movement is already well established in other parts of the world and is gaining ground in Spain. Although the percentage of beer consumption in our country is not very high compared to other countries in Western Europe the number of fans to this drink is in continuous growth, so those elbows up and let´s toast for things well done!!


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