Namazake III
26 May 2015

This is about “Nikkei”

The term, of Japanese origin is used to define the immigrants that reached the Peruvian coast around 1899, looking for a new life. Japan, despite being under the ruling of Emperor Meiji, started to emerge as a world power. The lower classes did not however find themselves favoured by the emperor’s measures and that is why many Japanese were forced to look for other opportunities, away from their homeland.

The children of the first immigrants, who were faithful to their traditions and legacy, started a new gastronomical identity. They started a new path in which they showed clearly their Peruvian identity and very significantly from the gastronomical perspective.

From this, a new cuisine was born, from the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cultures.  The techniques and flavours remain, adapting to the local products. This is known worldwide as “Nikkei”cuisine.

From the 70s, this cuisine truly became prominent in restaurants and pioneering chefs such as Gaston Acurio placed Nikkei in the international spotlight.  It is a real culinary example that other chefs, such as Albert Adriá have followed.

A culinary jewel that respects traditions but does not stop evolving. Ceviches, “papas”, tuna tartar with quinoa, sweet potato, banana tempura…

It is a compulsory stop in your next gastronomical journey.


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