19 Jun 2015

The night of San Juan

This party is celebrated in a lot of places around the world but in the Costa del Sol it is quite prominent. In this land of sailors, that lives for and of the sea, the night of San Juan is a turning point in all the summer period, in a way it is the high point of the summer season.

And how should you celebrate San Juan? It is a simple as getting together with friends and family around a good fire in the beach and prepare the traditional “moragas” where fish is cooked “al espeto” and cheer to all your wishes coming true.

But careful! For your wish to come true, you have to formulate it at the same time as you jump over the fire. If you want a better guarantee that your wish will come true, at exactly midnight, dip into the sea and make your wish again.

Letting the wave refresh your feet or freshen up your face with sea water is a part of a ritual which will be more than enough to face the remaining of the summer with renovated energy, feeling the magic of a unique night.

Do not hesitate, this year in San Juan, dip in!

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