02 Sep 2014

Sport footwear

Regardless of the level of difficulty, playing a sport requires certain conditions to be met in order to achieve the correct performance while playing. The main condition to be met would be choosing the correct equipment.  The first thing that comes to mind when we start playing a sport is footwear.

In the world of sports, the famous I+D plays an important role in the making of a product. The development is quick, and thanks to that we can find products and materials that are more specific to our needs in order to practice any discipline. Nowadays, more than ever, we have to be up to date with the trends on sports equipment.

Ramon Campuzano, Director of our Tennis Club, always makes special emphasis on this matter when a member of the club asks him for advice about equipment or comments about any new acquisition they have made: ‘‘Certainly, when playing a sport, be it from a basic level to a professional one, the choosing of the right equipment is essential and of great importance as this will determine our performance and will help us achieve a greater success.’’

When we play tennis on a clay court, the right choice of footwear is part of the game’s strategy. We have to opt for shoes with a specific pattern in the sole that helps with a firmer grip and break. Also the model and weight of the racquet and the grip of the handle are very important. It should all be taken into account.

Tennis shoes are not the same as padel shoes. Manufacturers use the same materials in both, and they both have special inner characteristics as a special fastening around the ankle or a special insole with or without cushioning points. However, padel shoes should be similar to the tennis shoes used in grass, be it natural or artificial.

As we know, the movements made while playing tennis are different from the movements made while playing padel. Therefore the manufacturing of the footwear should be oriented towards those differences in movements.

In the padel courts, where the burst and breaks are constant, it is very important that the sole of the shoes are not too deep in the pattern and that they come with a firm grip. Sometimes padel shoes come with a mixed sole that helps the player achieve a more uniform break making those explosive vertical moves more controllable.

We have at least three different basic soles for different types of surfaces. The slim or slender one with angular patterns to be used in clay courts, the Onmi with small dots for surfaces like grass, and the mixed sole that can be used in different types of surfaces.

A new pair of paddle shoes with mixed sole was launched to the market. The peculiarity of this pair is that it offers a more uniform break. Ramon is already trying them out. In our next post we will tell you all about his experience when using them.

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