29 Oct 2014

After a round of golf, I’ll know if I’ll do business with you

When we play golf we play against ourselves, our mood, our personal circumstances, our ‘‘swing’’, our choice of golf club, golf ball and even our choice of strategy for the game.

We also play against the design of the golf course and its surface depending on how well maintained it is. Similarly, we play against the rules of the game and the weather at the time; against our competitors and our own experience in the course.

All of this has to be sorted out during the course of the game, from the first hit to the last hole. Throughout the game we’ll display the way we act, our ability to control our nerves, impulses, rages, satisfactions, good and bad intentions, empathy with our play mates and with our competitors, inclination towards honesty or deceit and the way we abide to the rules of the game and the norms of etiquette.

An expert golf player, or at least a spectator, will have the opportunity to see how its competitor resolves all his confrontations whilst displaying his abilities and defects. This allows us to analyze and know our competitors better and, in some way, it helps us to determine whether we want to do business with them or not.

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