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22 Oct 2014

The pace of the game: How to improve it using the buggy?

The solution that many players find is to play with a buggy and thus think that using it would eliminate the problem. However, in order for this to be true and to avoid a slow paced game, one has to know HOW to play with a buggy. Why? Well, how many times have you played golf and have followed the next steps:

–          Leave the buggy on the way to the ball

–          Approach the ball, without a club, even if it is on the other side of the road

–          Check the ball

–          Go back to the buggy to get a club

–          Go back to the ball

–          Make a couple of swings and decide to switch clubs

–          Go back to the buggy to get a different club

–          Go back again to the ball

–          Hit the ball

–          Go back to the buggy to move 50m and repeat the same process

You probably lost 5 minutes following all those steps, and on ONE hit only!

If you agree that this is not the appropriate way to do it, we can show you a simpler way to use the buggy as a tool to optimize your game and the game of the players that are behind you.

If you are playing in a golf course where the buggies can only be driven on the paved roads and not on the fairway, then the best way to approach it would be to place the buggy at the same height as the ball, chose several clubs from the bag and walk towards the ball. Once you are next to the ball, you can choose which club to use. Which clubs should you take with you when you walk towards the ball? Well, take the club that from the buggy you think might be de correct one to use, an additional one or two if you change your mind and a short iron club in case you make a divot and your next hit is less than 80m away from the green. If you take the put with you, even better!

Meanwhile, the second player that stayed in the buggy should go find his ball. By the time he hits the ball towards the green, the first player should already be walking on that direction towards his ball. This technique requires a little bit of walking, but it normally doesn’t require walking over 200m, and taking 3 to 5 clubs at a time is not a difficult task at all.

Now if we’re talking about a course where the buggies can be drive on the fairways, then both players will reach first the ball of the first player. Player number one will then pick the club he will use for that hit and the one he believes he’ll use on the next one (pitching or sand) and an intermediate one if he were to make a divot. While this player gets ready to make his shot, the second player goes to his ball on the buggy. Soon after player number one makes his swing, player number two hits his ball while the first one makes his way either to the buggy or to his own ball (whichever is closest to him).

Both of these methods can reduce the total game time to half its regular duration or less.

In our particular case, both Marbella Club Gold Resort and El Higueral Golf allow the use of the buggy on the fairways and, given that we control the amount of players in the golf course each day, you can play with the outmost ease and calmness.


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