31 Dec 2014

Do not miss the grapes!

Tonight’s dinner will be the closing time of another 365 days that brought us experiences, stories, memories, surprises, moments… Another year that will be closed by 12 peals and 12 grapes, a very Spanish tradition that began in Madrid in 1896.

In those past years, the high society of the city used to drink champagne and eat grapes during the New Year’s Eve dinner; The rest of citizens, acting ironically, decided to meet at the widely known Puerta del Sol square to eat the grapes while the clock sounded the hours. On December 31st 1896, an everlasting tradition began.

It was such a success, that the following year, the press encourage people to meet again at Puerta del Sol to celebrate the last night of the year and eat the already named “lucky grapes”. That moment was shortly broadcasted in the national TV while all the Spaniards were at their homes waiting for the last peal to toast all together the end of a year and the beginning of a new one.

One more year, we keep following the tradition: grapes, a wish list, champagne and ready to toast the 2015.

Happy New Year!

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