Navidad Puente Romano
19 Dec 2014

May the luck be with you…

Believe it or not, the first draw was celebrated 202 years ago, dated on December 18th, 1812 in Cádiz. It would be 80 years after when it would be named as “Christmas Lottery”; since that particular moment, every year we dream about being one the “el gordo” prize-winners.

Nowadays, this particular draw is held every December 22nd, and has become the most famous and important of all celebrated in Spain.

“El gordo” is not only famous because of the amount you may win, but also because of its advertising campaign. Every year, its commercial raises much expectation and makes all of us start to dream: dreamland worlds, the illusion of a man wearing a long coat, a neighbourhood story, a soundtrack… the question comes to your mind: shall I win?.

The date, history, prizes, advertisement, tenth-share ticket shared with family and friends, good wishes… are just a little part of the excitement we wake up with every December 22nd.

Good Luck!

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