06 Nov 2014

The good thing about variety

There’s a great satisfaction that comes from improving in such a discipline, but we also have to take into account how practicing other disciplines can help us improve on our sport of choice as well.

In this next post, we will share the recommendations from Ramon Campuzano when it comes to the practices of various sports:

Some people seem to get bored when they practice a sport and even consider dropping the sport all together because of several motives.

We shouldn’t forget that practicing sports is what keeps us in shape and contributes to a basic and elemental way in which we obtain a series of physical and mental benefits that help us confront with better odds the everyday challenges we are constantly confronted with.

There are a lot of people that during long periods of time, and out of routine, have been practicing the same sport without having considered about changing the form they have been practicing it all that time. However, we have been proving that when we invite someone to sporadically vary their sports routine, making them practice a different sports routine, even if they’re true beginners, that new experience turns into something really gratifying and pleasant for them.

It’s very advisable that if, for instance we have been practicing nothing but tennis for an extended period of time, we alternate and vary our sporting practice by doing something like padel, spinning, just a regular gym routine or whatever calls out attention as long as we sporadically switch disciplines. By doing this we will be able to see how different groups of muscles work together, how our concentration gets reinforced and how practicing and alternate sport gives us that sensation of wellness during and after our workout.

Therefore we don’t have to concentrate our efforts on practicing one sport only (be it tennis, padel or a gym routine), we have to also alternate with other sports that we don’t do on a regular basis like spinning, fencing or Pilates which are great options.


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