16 Jan 2015

Golf… What exactly is that? Would that fit for me?

Golf is a passion for millions of people around the world, no matter what their social and economic status or their nationality is… but it´s also a great unknown for many. We would like to show you a little bit more about this fantastic game, what all is about, why so many people enjoy it and how to start to practice it.

The origin of golf is unclear. There are some traces of a similar sport played in Holland back in the 13th Century or even earlier than that in China, but the first written documentation about golf was found in Scotland in the 15th Century. The most extended version is the one that refers to “some Scot shepherds inventing it”.

But in fact, golf can be more and activity than a sport. Why? Because it links nature, physical exercise, friendship, business, competition and relaxation.  Golf can be a very demanding activity physical-wise, even more in the event that you play carrying out your clubs in hilly or long courses; on the other hand, it may be taken as a nice walk along the course, alone or with other partners and friends, spending a relaxing and nice time all day long.

You may start to play golf at almost any age.  There are many people in their 80`s that keep playing well!.

A good start is to take group lessons, so that you share the beginning of this new activity with other people in your same level and then share your evolution and improvements all together. The key factor when starting to play golf is your commitment and dedication, together with your natural skill for sports. Also the empathy with the golf pro and even the weather are factors to take into consideration; playing golf in mild and sunny conditions is more gratifying than playing in winter with rain and low temperatures.

If you feel curious about golf, do not give it a second thought and go for it! You will have all the winning cards. Should you choose Marbella as your starting place, it is, without doubt, a perfect spot thanks to its warm weather all year around, wide array of golf courses and available golf pros.

Puente Romano owns two private golf courses where taking private lessons and practice your swing in a privilege location with very nice, patient and amusing golf pros.

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