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22 Jul 2014

The gastro experience at Puente Romano

The pleasures of life…there are many opportunites that daily life presents us, many experiences that will always be remembered…for sure this includes a wonderful dinner with friends!

Throughout history, gastronomy has been present every step of the way, gaining importance whilst adapting to the social needs of the era.

Since time began man has collected produce for survival, throughout the Roman Empire in which the great feasts took importance, hosts encouraged the chefs to create new dishes and make food into a pompous show.

European royalty started giving importance to the banquets they offered due to the new social ranking that what you offer to your guests says a lot about who you are; it was the thought of that time.

What is known today as a restaurant originated back to the eighteenth Century. The French Innkeepers began offering simple meals of stews and soups to its customers, which were greatly appreciated.  A new type of business was created.

As history develops so does the restaurant concept. From simply serving hot food it turned inwonderfulul ted for pure enjoymentutto a place to eat, drink, relax and above all, enjoy a space created for pure enjoyment.

Who does not remember a special dinner accompanied by wonderful wine? There are many sensations that enthrall us at the table. The atmosphere, the kitchen, the place, the menu, the wine, are common but unique elements that can make a breakfast, lunch or dinner, become a unique moment.

Whatever your desire Puente Romano Beach Resort has it all…let your self be seduced and live in the moment.

Serafina I

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