08 Jul 2015

Dani García & Puente Romano, Parts 2 are good…

Today, to talk about Dani García is to talk about a union of tradition and innovation. He is a chef with two Michelin stars in his pocket, point of reference worldwide of current gastronomy and haute cuisine.

His awards list is extensive and very valuable. A career based on work, passion, effort and dedication, in Dani’s own words, “I am a chef, I like to cook and create concepts”. And he has greatly succeeded.

“Marbellero” as he defines himself, he is in love with his homeland, seasonal products, tradition and “good things”. He started his journey in the Hotel and Catering School La Cónsula, Malaga, from where he would jump to his first appointment as Kitchen Manager in the restaurant “Tragabuches”, located in the beautiful city of Ronda, and where he would get is first great acknowledgement, in the year 2000, being only 25 years old, he obtained his first Michelin star.

Restless in his work, and keen to experiment and create, Dani García starts his next project in his hometown, opening the restaurant “Calima”, it was followed by a new expansion phase, with projects such as “Manzanilla”, signature restaurants that would take him to the legendary big apple of New York.

But it was be in 2014, when after gaining new expertise, in Spain and abroad, his most personal project commences, where he unleashes his way of understanding and interpreting cooking.

“It is me for the first time in my life”; states Dani García after the opening of his culinary restaurant “Dani García Restaurante” in Puente Romano Beach Resort Marbella that has secured his two Michelin stars. In the same resort, Dani also opens the doors of “Bibo” a brasserie of Dani’s unmistakeable style bringing haute cuisine to everyone.

Life brings a lot of twists and turns and after 20 years, Dani comes back to the place where he took his first steps as a chef, under the supervision of the then Executive Chef of the Resort, Simón Padilla. In his case, parts 2 are good. After all this time, and from being a student to one of the most celebrated chefs in the world, Dani García starts his second chapter in Puente Romano undertaking his most personal project, freer, unleashing his way of interpreting cooking and where he strengthens day after day, his status as point of reference in haute cuisine.


Welcome back Dani!


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