12 Sep 2014

The almadraba tuna fish

Each person usually has a favorite food, because of the ingredients or because of the person that used to prepare it. In Puente Romano, we have fetiche food, which includes blue fin tuna in all its possible manifestations.

This treasure of the sea is very valuable for several reasons, mainly because it is a fish rich in oils and fats that are essential to our organism like Omega 3. The ones that are caught in a tuna trap are particularly valuable as they maintain all their natural properties.

The art of handcrafted fishing remotes back to the times of the Phoenicians. In this way of fishing, only the big fish are caught in the net near the coast while the small ones are able to continue their migration. The most experienced sailors join these animals in their struggle in order to choose the best catch.

The blue fin tune has lived in freedom and has fed itself naturally keeping its flavor and properties unalterable. Andiron, loin, belly, flank and every other cut that comes from this animal is simply delicious.

Our chef, Thomas Stork, is leaning this summer towards the tuna’s belly. Catches of up to 350kgs have come to our kitchens so the cooking team can let their imagination loose. It can also be tasted raw in our restaurants in the forms of sashimi, tataki, nigiri or tartar. The fat that this part of the tuna has, gives it an ideal taste for it to be cooked on a grill with roasted peppers, potatoes and garlic.

Without a doubt, one of the dishes to be tasted.

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