04 Aug 2015

A truly addictive sport that is exciting to play & to watch!

This game is expanding quickly within Europe but in Spain it is the most popular sport, even more than football!!!
A cross between squash and tennis it is the most social sport yet and suitable for all ages. A fun game that combines the elements of tennis, squash and racquet ball, enabling players to use the surrounding walls to return the wall.
Always played in doubles, is the most social sport ever!
It is not dominated by strength and can be played by everyone which makes it very appealing to a wide population. Due to its simplicity most players get the grasp of the game within the first 15 minutes.
At Club de Tenis Hotel Puente Romano – Marbella, we count with 4 padel courts where you can enjoy playing any day of the week or participate in the weekly Mix-Ins. Contact us and we will organise everything you need to enjoy a great day out having fun and doing some sport at Costa del Sol!

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